Tyler Reese Tritt

Tyler's journey in country music isn't just a path - it's the very road she was born to travel.

About Tyler

Her songs are the echoes of a legacy, carrying the timeless tales of the heartland.

Nestled in her hometown of Powder Springs, GA, Tyler Reese Tritt has always been surrounded by the soulful echoes of country music. Inspired by her father, multi-award-winning Country artist Travis Tritt, she has ventured into her own path in the industry, aiming to establish herself as a noteworthy country singer and entertainer.

From infancy, Tyler was immersed in the world of music, often joining her father on tour and eagerly absorbing the intricacies of live performances. Her early exposure to the stage began at the age of 3, when she first started dancing, and she quickly transitioned into competitive dancing by the age of 6. In addition to her passion for dance, Tyler displayed a remarkable versatility and commitment to various pursuits, including piano, gymnastics, and earning a black belt in karate, all of which showcased her multifaceted talents from a very young age.

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